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"The Last Stand" at the Box Office!

With much anticipation from fans around the world, Arnold's new movie, The Last Stand, opened last Friday to U.S. audiences. Combining humor, a bit of gore, and lots of ballsy action, The Last Stand saw Arnold reprise his role as a leading man for the first time in a decade. That's right, Arnold hasn't received primary billing since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Oh, how time flies!

While the film has received warm reviews from critics, the box office numbers were less than stellar. Raking in over $6 million this weekend, The Last Stand finished 9th at the box office, beaten out by the horror/thriller Mama and the steamrolling Zero Dark Thirty. 

This may sound bad for some of the highly anticipated future Arnold projects but we here at TAFs don't think so. Given Arnold's long stint away from the big screen, combined with an overall decline in shoot-em-up movie revenue, we think Arnold's big comeback will take place with The Tomb, set to be released September 27. And what about the ultra-popular sequels rumored to be in the works, such as King Conan, Terminator 5, and True Lies 2, you ask? Those are safe as well. Seeing how all three are franchise films, each would stand to rake in big bucks at the box office while redefining Arnold in some of his most coveted roles (who wouldn't want to see him don the 'clothes, boots, and motorcycle' one more time?). 

The Last Stand is expected to make its money back overseas and will generate additional big bucks by DVD and Blu-ray sales. So, while the critics and true Arnold fans alike really enjoyed The Last Stand, we'd like to quote Arnold and tell the naysayers to CHILL OUT! He's back! Meanwhile, make the most of it while a new Arnold movie is in theaters by seeing it as much as possible and bringing your friends!


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