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Exclusive: Original Terminator Endo Crew Joins “Genesis” Cast!

As you all know, Arnold Schwarzenegger told TheArnoldFans that he’ll BE BACK to film an all-new Terminator film in New Orleans and San Francisco next month. But we have breaking news on who else will be returning; joining Arnold will be another original Terminator alumni! While we’ve been hearing a lot about casting of the lead characters, we have not yet heard who will be creating the cyborgs and robots! We’re here to tell you now that the Terminators are in good hands as John Rosengrant confirms to that it’s a DONE DEAL with the studio!

Honestly, how angry would you have been if the endoskeletons were suddenly ripped out of the hands of the original maker and developed by someone inexperienced with Cyberdyne robotics? Stan Winston can now smile down from above and bless Terminator Genesis as John Rosengrant worked under Stan’s wing on all the other Schwarzenegger films. He even handled the Terminator: Salvation robotics and has a cameo in the Christian Bale film. 

Rosengrant tells TheArnoldFans about his smaller tasks working on T1 before he took on bigger cybernetic challenges of the following Terminator films.

“I sort of had my hands in everything when I first started working for Stan,” begins Rosengrant. “Running appliances and there are two things that I had done on that movie that were quick and interesting things that were featured in the film. Like when Arnold cuts his eyeball out and throws the eye skin in the sink. I called the shop and told them that they were going to shoot and we had to come up with something really quickly. I started making these skins that Arnold could throw into the sink.”

Although it’s a relief to hear Legacy Effects will return to Terminator, we are sad to hear that our Oscar-winning friend, Jeff Dawn, will NOT be back! Dawn was the lead make-up artist for T1-T3 and although he tells TheArnoldFans that he wishes Arnold the best, he will not be returning, as he’s happy on his current projects. Arnold and Jeff are good friends and got along very well in the make-up room so it’s a shame this duo is no more. Who do you think should head the make-up department? Perhaps Jeff or Rosengrant has a good recommendation.

"We are officially back,” Rosengrant confirms to TheArnoldFans regarding his Terminator Genesis contract. Rosengrant’s FX company, Legacy Effects, is now hard at work drawing all new designs for Skynet’s deadliest and will soon create some amazing new Terminators to share screen-time with Schwarzenegger.


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