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EXCLUSIVE "Expendables 3" Photo: Arnold, Harrison & Hughes!

Who would have ever imagined we'd be lucky enough to see the day when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford would star in the same movie?! If that's not already unbelievable enough, it gets even more incredible knowing Stallone, Mel Gibson, Statham and Wesley Snipes will also be kicking ass in the same film along with these legends. "Expendables 3" will no doubt be an event film that EVERY action hero fan will need to see on opening weekend. We can't say what will be bigger, the worldwide box office or the star power. Either way, this will be a big win for the fans. I know, the release date of August 15th will be a long wait, but here's a nice tease: our friends at Lionsgate sent TheArnoldFans this exclusive photo of Arnold and Harrison on the set with director Patrick Hughes.
(Click on image for a BIG version)

Director Patrick Hughes (left), Arnold Schwarzenegger (center) and Harrison Ford (right) on the set of THE EXPENDABLES 3. Photo Credit: Phil Bray

"Expendables 3" not only has the Terminator and Indiana Jones stars, it also has the celebrity power of Rambo (Stallone), Blade (Snipes), Desperado (Banderas), Mad Max (Gibson), The Transporter (Statham), The One (Li), He-Man (Lundgren) and a bunch of other action heroes! Too good to be true? Just watch this teaser trailer below! 

Before we go, we trust you've all seen that new "Expendables 3" Arnold poster, but just in case you missed it, here it is again! Go on, admit Arnold is a badass! Don't forget to wear your "Arnold Is Numero Uno" shirts when "Expendables 3" is out on August 15th, 2014!






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