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Exclusive: 2 Terminator Genisys Script Reviews (Non-Spoiler)!

Although Terminator Genisys initially suffered from a rather strange Entertainment Weekly write-up, allowing negative fan reaction to snowball, we're happy to see the love come back to this promising Schwarzenegger project. TheArnoldFans staff and many hardcore Terminator fans are loving the film trailer but others are left with a sour taste or mixed reaction due to a timeline tampering or the fact that the T-800 was allowed to age. Little do those highly optimistic fans know that it was James Cameron's own idea for Arnold's tissue to age around the endoskeleton. Many so-called "true fans" feel T5 is shitting on Cameron but the truth is, the original director not only gave his blessing but it was his idea 

Slowly tides are turning and excitement is building for Genisys. Getting us even more pumped up for this 3D release, TheArnoldFans obtained 2 non-spoiler film reviews! These WILL BE spoilers ONLY IF you haven't read the Entertainment Weekly issue or haven't seen the film trailer. Otherwise we blocked out some things to make it safe for you on July 1st!

TheArnoldFans will NOT be putting up any spoilers on this site or our social media pages. We strongly recommend you go into the theater spoiler-free for the ultimate movie experience. 

1st up, we have Greg from

"I think the best way to describe Terminator Genisys is three action packed movies in one. First of all, we finally get to see the Future Wars. Where John Connor, Kyle Reese and resistance take on Skynet. This is something that Terminator fans have wanted to see since James Cameron gave them a preview of it in the first film. So I don't think fans will be disappointed with this portion of the movie at all!

In the script the future war is 18 pages. So I would say around 20 minutes give or take. So it's probably 10-15 minutes of action and then the set up with Reese going back to 1984. The movie should be slightly over 2 hours(script is 130 pages). So the breakdown will probably be about 20 minutes Future Wars, 40 minutes 1984 and 1 hour for (*date removed for spoiler) portion of the movie. 

Once Kyle Reese arrives in 1984, he quickly finds out that the past he was expecting, is no longer there. Since Jai Courtney "Reese" was expecting things to be exactly like Michael Biehn "Reese" from the original movie. With him having to save a young, weak Sarah Connor from an evil T-800 Terminator.

To his surprise he finds a near unstoppable T-1000 chasing him. With Sarah Connor and a "older T-800" having to rescue him. We soon find out that something happened when Sarah was a child. A good Arnold T-800 rescued her and raised for the past 10 years. Which caused the Terminator universe as we know it to be "reset". This portion of the movie gives long time Terminator fans a great nostalgia feeling - with it taking place in the same 1984 location as the original film. Not to mention it has the same action-packed chase scenes, shoot outs and Terminator vs Terminator fights to be expect from a Terminator film.

Now you would think seeing a big action-packed future war battle along with an older Arnold vs young Arnold T-800 showdown and having a T-1000 trying to terminate them in 1984 would be more then enough action and excitement for moviegoers but the action and thrills are just getting started! Next we see Sarah/Kyle (*deleted to be spoiler free). The dual is then greeted by a even older T-800 Arnold with grey hair. Of course you know Skynet isn't going to go out without a fight. This is when a new and very powerful threat appears. As action packed and exciting as the first two portions of the movie are, the third portion of the movie has even more non-stop big explosive action with tons of destruction and surprises.

For me personally, since I loved the first two Terminator movies so much, I'm not sure it will beat the classics but we shall see. If you go into this movie with a open mind and willing to accept some changes, this should be an action-packed thrill ride that rivals any recent summer blockbuster. Because this script gave Alan Taylor and the cast with a lot of really good material to work with here. With a script like this, it's not surprising that Skydance signed Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier to a two-year first look deal with the company.

I get the vibe that fans have been disappointed with Arnold's involvement in action sequences since his comeback. Well, that changes with Terminator Genisys. Arnold is front and center of all the big action during the 1984 and (*deleted) portion of the movie."

Next we have a review from Jay:

"I've never read a script before but with all the negativity surrounding Genisys, I couldn't resist when offered the chance. After reading a very scathing screenplay review and mostly bad feedback about the trailer, I thought it can't be that bad surely!? Time to see for myself!

I'm pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised because not only should the film deliver but it feels huge, delivering in action, sfx and story. 

Long time Terminator fans should be pleased to see some classic scenes recreated with a Back To The Future twist, meaning things don't pan out like the original movie; this is good for the nostalgia feel.

People new to the franchise and fans alike should also be happy as I think this actually feels like a Terminator movie, unlike Rise of the Machines and Salvation. The atmosphere feels gritty and exciting, especially in the future war scenes. I can't give spoilers but sfx is going to pushed to the limit for war scenes at the start, I really hope they can do it justice onscreen.

This also plays out like no other Terminator film yet in the fact it's not set in one time period from start to finish with a single villain to deal with! No the threat is greater here with two well known model terminators and a couple of other types spread throughout the movie - which has 3 major time zones. Safe to say the movie will look unique all the way through, keeping it fresh and exciting. 

I cannot express enough how the atmosphere I felt in the script wasn't present in the 2 minutes of footage that we've been shown! I think they have tackled it wrongly by aiming mostly at the new crowd with the trailer and Super Bowl spot, making it look as if it's a big bright Marvel type movie but it definitely didn't read like that.  I'd say maybe 1 or 2 moments of action might be a bit over-the-top for the hardcore fans wanting a Terminator movie to be made like it's the 80's but we've already seen them in the bus flip and Terminator dive bomb from the chopper.

Some of the dialogue wasn't the best but there may have been a revised script. The "pops" talk and T-800 watching sesame street stuff has been over exaggerated. It all makes sense when reading it and no doubt if anyone heard about Arnold being called Uncle Bob, swearing not to kill anyone and learning to say "No Problemo" back in the day when T2 was looming, fans would have been crying about that too.

It felt epic as I was reading. I could see every scene playing out in my head and I feel anyone who liked the first two installments will find enjoyment in Genisys."

So far so good! As if just seeing Arnold vs Arnold isn't enough reason to pay full price admission. Click HERE if you missed our exclusive interview with the T-800 actor! See you all at the movies on July 1st!

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