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Schwarzenegger Surprised All on Two and a Half Men Series Finale!

How did they pull off such a big, surprise guest roll on the series finale of Two and a Half Men? Even TheArnoldFans never would have known about Schwarzenegger's guest appearance on the show's final episode if it wasn't for a couple of east coast fans, tipping us off minutes before it aired. So when I tuned in live, I was only expecting Arnold to come on with a 15-second cameo. Little did I know, he'd have a very beefy five-minute role and probably had more lines of dialogue than Conan and The Terminator combined! 

Schwarzenegger played Lieutenant Wager, or as he butchered the pronunciation of his own name, Lieutenant Vauhgner. Looking like a cross between Harry Tasker (True Lies) and John Kruger (Eraser), Arnold reminded us all that he's got natural comedic talents. Arnold's roll will forever be remembered by Two and a Half Men fans since Lieutenant Wager gets the honor of verbally wrapping-up the entire 12-year show. Pointing out how ridiculous the plots have been, Arnold achieved big laughs and reminds fans we'll have to purchase the final season to complete our Schwarzenegger DVD / Blu-ray collections!

Now here's some Easter Eggs for you in case you missed them:

1. Arnold, as Lieutenant Wager, wore his Governor ring on his finger.

2. There was a helicopter photograph behind the Arnold. Yes, ever Lieutenant Wager gets to the choppa!

3. In the scene with Christian Slater, there's a cup on Wagner's desk showing the American flag and Sacramento State Capitol! Christian Slater, big Schwarzenegger fan, attended some of Arnold's red carpet premieres such as The 6th Day.

4. At the end of the episode, the cast is sitting outside and smoking stogies. Conchata Ferrell (Berta) was wearing what looked to be a silver skull on her blue shirt. This appeared to have been a Daniel Marshall shirt. Marshall, Arnold's top cigar man, has produced many great skull shirts, stogies and humidors so in this final scene, it is possible that they are all smoking gifts from Daniel and Arnold! 

The one-hour series finale of Two and a Half Men brought in a very large viewership: 13.2 MILLION!  It was the show’s best "adults 18-49" performance since May 9, 2013. Let's hope Arnold has more time for TV appearances between filming movies. Now if we can only get him on Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory!

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