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Exclusive: Chris Hardwick & Brett Azar on Zombies & Terminators!

During our time on the Terminator Genisys red carpet, TheArnoldFans spoke with many friendly cast and crew and even chatted with some cool celebrities who walked the carpet to just show their support. One of these celebrities, not in the film but here to see a great new Arnold movie, was actor, Nerdist and Talking Dead host, Chris Hardwick. Some of you might even remember Chris had a small part in T3: Rise of the Machines!
"Arnold is essential to Terminator,” Hardwick admits from the red carpet. "I’m going to giggle like a fanboy when Arnold starts talking as The Terminator.”

TheArnoldFans: In 2003 you starred in Terminator 3 but you were a little bit more chunky back then. So did Arnold have anything to do with you getting into shape?
Chris Hardwick: "You know, it is pretty intimidating. I remember seeing Arnold had his own separate workout trailer that just goes wherever he goes. And I remember thinking, well, i’m not going to ever have that but maybe there are things I can do to try to de-chunk and cut some of the dough off of this roll."

TheArnoldFans: On your podcast, you got the great original exclusive when Arnold told you personally about how the Terminator ages.
Chris Hardwick: "He was amazing.Yes, he was such a good guest.”
TheArnoldFans: Are you totally stoked about tonight and will you be down to see Terminator Arnold even when he’s 90 or 100 years old?
Chris Hardwick: “(laughs) I am excited to see him again as the Terminator. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was looking forward to this for many weeks.”
TheArnoldFans: You’re the host of Talking Dead and Arnold did a zombie movie recently, so isn’t it time we get Arnold in Walking Dead? What role should he have in it?
Chris Hardwick: "Well, he should just be a whole new character. I wonder if Arnold could be a good Negan?! Yes, Arnold might be a good Negan! There isn’t anything in the books that suggest Negan has an Austrian accent but they’ve deviated before (from the books). So I think Arnold can be Negan!"

Who is Negan from The Walking Dead? Here’s what Wikipedia says: Negan, with excessive use of profanity, is the leader of a group of over 50 survivors in Washington, DC called the Saviors, who subjugate other communities in the area for resources in return for their protection against zombies. AfterRick Grimes and his fellow survivors agree to start a trading network with the Hilltop Colony, they are ambushed by the Saviors and are forced to obey Negan's rules and orders to give half of their supplies away like the other communities. Initially obedient, Rick and the others secretly gather up for war against the Saviors with the other communities in the DC area.

Sounds good to us, Chris! Pass the word onto Arnold’s producer friend, Gale Ann Hurd and let’s make this happen!

Later that night, TheArnoldFans bumped into Brett Azar at the Terminator Genisys afterparty! When a man is the size of a house, you can’t help but bump into him. We ran our earlier exclusive breaking the news that Brett plays the body of the 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator (wearing only a sock). Go HERE if you missed our earlier interview. 

Brett not only has the 2nd most talked-about role in Genisys, he was also one of our favorite cast members to talk with at the after-party. Here’s some EXCLUSIVE photos Brett is letting us share with TheArnoldFans! We’re debuting these the same time Brett is on his Facebook page, however, you might want to also stop by his page to see some ever more revealing images! Thanks Brett, great times with you in Hollywood at the party! All the best to you and we HOPE we see you back for T6!

Brett Azar: "Being brought back for T6 or T7 as young guardian / terminator would be the greatest most amazing thing of my entire life. To have the honor to work with Arnold, Alan Taylor, paramount and skydance again on this project means more to me than I can describe.  Alan had nothing but praise to say to me at the premiere about my work, so I hope that praise evolves into recurring work. I am so grateful to all involved, including, for this amazing and monumental part of my life.”
Brett Azar is a GREAT guy so follow him on Instagram at Zarskie, Twitter at brett_ZAR_azar and facebook here.

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