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Exclusive: Photo Tour of Arnold Museum Courtesy of ArnoCorps!

When TheArnoldFans got wind that ArnoCorps were heading to Austria this past summer to bring their “live action adventure audio assaults” to Graz and Vienna, we made sure that a visit to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum was part of their ballsy tour itinerary. As long-time readers may know, TAFs first witnessed ArnoCorps in 2001 and we were enthralled by their hardcore rock ’n’ roll interpretations of “heroic tales of Austrian lore and mythology” featuring songs such as “Terminator”, “Total Recall”, “Predator”, “Commando” and much more. While several years later other bands have been inspired to pursue similar musical exploits, ArnoCorps are not only the first, but also remain the most accomplished with no fewer than five full blown international headline tours under their belt, unrivaled critical acclaim and most importantly, a very loyal fanbase of “heroes and sheroes” that have kept the band motivated after all these years. 

TAFs reached out to the Arnold Museum curators to let them know that “The Greatest Band of All Time” would be visiting all the way from California. We were pumped to learn that ArnoCorps were to receive a personal VIP tour from childhood friend of Arnold’s and director of the museum, Peter Urdl! 

We’re pleased to present these fantastic photos by Neil Jarvie of Glasgow, Scotland, who served as official photographer of ArnoCorps’ 2015 Blockbuster Summer European tour. See more of his fantastic photography at Captions are provided by Holzfeuer, frontman of ArnoCorps. Enjoy!


We had reached the mid-point of our tour and it was time to make the long trek from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe. We were leaving the sold-out crowds of the UK behind us as we ventured forth in a quest for a different kind of heroic fulfillment that would not be measured in attendance figures and all these kinds of things. We were finally returning to the spiritual birthplace of ArnoCorps: AUSTRIA.


The boyhood home of Arnold Schwarzenegger is located in Thal, a small village just outside of the city of Graz. The home has been converted into a ballsy museum where visitors can view many rare artifacts that tell the story of one man’s unique life journey. After we loaded our gear at the venue in Graz, we set out in our tour transport to the museum and soon had an unbelievable feeling of comfort as the roads became smaller and more twisty and the trees became more abundant. Crom was smiling upon us.

In the small parking lot, visitors are greeted by “Arnie’s Life” banners flanked by vertical Austrian and United States flags, representing the international identity of Arnold, which also resonates with the studs of ArnoCorps, no two ways about it.

Can you imagine our surprise in seeing one of our ballsiest fans, Cormac Bennett of Dublin, Ireland, also visiting the museum?! He told the host Andrea all about ArnoCorps before we arrived, so we hope he didn’t give her the wrong advices! 


The front yard of the two story home features an unbelievable larger-than-life-size metal sculpture depicting heroic muscularity, proportion and symmetry, a symbol of strength that will get visitors inspired and pumped up before entering.

The members of ArnoCorps, left-to-right: Erich Nagelbett, Baron Von Trotz, Inzo der Barrakuda, Vielmehr Klampfe, Holzfeuer and Karl Dichtschnur. 

This placard is just to the right of the front door. Can you imagine if Arnold tried to have this mounted while he was still just a child? His father would surely tell him to bring his toys to the carpet! Stop whining! You lack discipline!

Before entering, Erich Nagelbett and I make sure we’re not being followed by any goddamn paparazzi and all this. ArnoCorps is back in town. Come on, don’t bullshit me. 


We informed the proprietor, Peter Urdl, and the friendly host, Andrea, that their museum was incomplete. Only the music of ArnoCorps endeavors to reclaim for the people the ancient alpine tales of Austria that were exploited in Hollywood! Hear the tales the way they were meant to be told! They were pumped to accept our limited edition vinyl releases from Alternative Tentacles Records!

Upstairs is Arnold’s room, now adorned with photos and posters from various points of his life and career, right there.

Don’t let the unfortunate wig distract you, right there. This sculpture is a life-size representation of Arnold’s physique at his peak as bodybuilding champion, 7-time Mr. Olympia winner and all these things during the golden era, before the dark times, before the bloated bellies of today’s top competitors!

If Arnold had his way, I imagine all homes in Thal would have sculpted depictions of the “Austrian Oak” mounted on the wall, exactly!

Can you believe they gave us milk to drink, of all things? We didn’t want to be rude and refuse their offer, but we informed them that MILK IS FOR BABIES! Unfortunately they did not have any beer on hand to rectify the situation. Unbelievable.

That’s looking out for your visitors, right there! Obviously very aware that a boost in testosterone from being here might lead to increased chance of pregnancy and all this, they offer official Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum condoms for sale!

This is our driver Colin Peckham wielding the sword used in the film Conan the Barbarian. This room of the museum contained both film-used props as well as replicas and artwork. 


ArnoCorps drummer Baron von Trotz needs your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. Here he straddles the Harley Davidson Fat Boy from T2.

Our roadie Rik Grant was having nothing short of a religious experience, right there, let me tell you. Crom! 


One section of the museum is dedicated to Arnold’s political career with a recreation of his governor’s office from California. What’s the matter? Sacramento got you pushing too many pencils?

ArnoCorps bass player Karl Dichtschnur would have handled things differently in the state capitol, let met tell you! Put that cookie down! Now!

Outside the home is a log barbell weighing thousands of kilos. If the combined strength of ArnoCorps cannot lift it, nobody can!


Hey, let me tell you right now, they’ll want to add six new figures to that statue out front, commemorating the mighty ArnoCorps and our legendary visit! Heroic thanks to Peter and Andrea and to TheArnoldFans for helping to arrange our visit, right there! Keep it heroic, keep it ballsy! 

See more of Neil Jarvie’s fantastic photography at

Learn more about ArnoCorps, tour dates and upcoming releases at

Download ArnoCorps’ groundbreaking push-up app, Wheel of Pain!

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