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Merry Christmas Arnold & Fans!

It’s that time again to be tempted by deliciously naughty treats but we all must be strong and put that cookie down! What a wonderful time of year it is to be with our families, our fellow Arnold fans and to watch some great Arnold winter films like Batman and Robin and Jingle All the Way. But while we are getting all this love and gifts, let’s not forget ’tis also the season to GIVE BACK!

No one gives more than our hero, Arnold. On Saturday, December 17th, Arnold attended the 35th annual "Miracle on 1st Street" event that brought Christmas cheer to over 10,000 children in Los Angeles, California. Toys and food were provided for Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights neighborhood, a location where Arnold has handed out Christmas presents at the Hollenbeck Youth Center for the past 25 years. Schwarzenegger is a long-time supporter of the Hollenbeck Youth Center as it supports inner-city youths with athletic, cultural and educational programs.


“I was very fortunate that I have made it in this country,” Arnold began. "I have made money, fame and everything that I wanted. But I’ll never forget that there’s a lot of people who need help. That’s why it’s always a pleasure for me to rush over here to the Hollenbeck Center to donate money to have turkey dinners…and now we’re here handing out gifts for the kids so that everyone can have a great Christmas.”
Arnold also shared the stage with Antonio Villaraigosa.
“My very good friend, Antonio, who was a great mayor for eight years. We worked together when I was governor and he was mayor and we were the perfect team to prove how Democrats and Republicans can work together for the better of the state.”
You can find out more about Hollenbeck Youth Center and donate to their cause via their official website HERE.

Another great way to give back is to donate to the After-School All-Stars. If you give, so do they! Give and get a very fancy gym water bottle with Arnold’s slogan and signature attached! The bottle is a free gift with a minimum donation to the After-School All-Stars. This holiday season, After-School All-Stars is celebrating their favorite Arnold memories from the last 23 years! From his service on the President's Council for Physical Fitness, to launching Inner City Games and After-School All-Stars and lobbying in DC to protect after-school curriculum. ASAS will share with you inspiring and exclusive stories and images and you'll help them serve more kids and meet their $200,000 donation goal this holiday season.

After-School All-Stars believes in free educational after-school curriculum which is exactly what they provide across 353 schools throughout America, while keeping children safe, occupied, enthusiastic and positively socially interactive in the process. Help Arnold kick-off his campaign by donating $35 (1 week of after-school for 1 child) and get his exclusive signed water bottle with ID holder. Donate to After-School All-Stars HERE!

Finally, Arnold shared his annual holiday card with his fans. Check out his cute little snowman although his arms are the size of twigs!!! Get that snowman to the gym, NOW! Happy holidays, EVERYONE!


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