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Comic Con 2016 Survival Guide for Schwarzenegger Fans!

After I first learned Arnold Schwarzenegger made a special visit out to San Diego Comic con in 2002 to promote T3, I’ve done my very best to attend the pop culture festival annually. I believe 2016 will be my 12th San Diego Comic Con and once again, I’ve got my press badge to report on all things Arnold to the greatest and most pumped-up online community!
Unfortunately there is NO representation of any studios to promote Arnold’s upcoming film “478” nor his involvement on “Celebrity Apprentice” and also NO celebration of the 25th anniversary of Terminator 2. But this does not mean we’re totally screwed. There are still a few Arnold co-stars who will be around for autographs or panels like Robert Patrick and Michael Biehn of the Terminator franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis of “True Lies” and Kumail Nanjiani of “Why We’re Killing Gunther” will also be at the Con. There’s also some great new Conan, Predator and Terminator collectibles from NECA, Diamond Select Toys, Sideshow and Chronicle Collectibles!

I’ll also interview several celebrities and comic book artists to get a few Arnold comments and to sign his birthday card. In years past I had Danny Devito, Sam Worthington, Lou Ferrigno, Jack Black and other sign his birthday card so stick around to see who helps us celebrate Arnold’s special day at 2016 Comic Con!
NECA will reveal several of their all NEW Terminator 2 3D action figures to celebrate the theatrical release and 25th anniversary of the film.  See NECA at booth 3145.


Chronicle Collectibles
Are you ready for the all new Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figures (War Paint Conan and perhaps their upcoming Thulsa Doom)? See the new 12 inch Conan as well as their King Conan masterpiece statue! Chronicle Collectibles knows what’s best in life so be sure to visit their booth 3229 and also see their many Terminator Genisys products!


Diamond Select Toys
Heading to San Diego Comic Con? Go meet the Diamond Select Toys gang and see their fantastic new products on display at booth 2607. Naturally our favorite collectibles they produce are their Predator products including Minimates (with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch), Predator bottle openers, lunch boxes, Predator banks and more! very cool 4-inch vinyl figures from a new “Vinimates” line featuring the Predator and Dutch! “Stick around!” See Diamond Select Toys at booth 2607.

Also on display at Comic Con, Diamond Select Toys will show their all new Predator Minimates 2-Packs Series 3 Asst. The Predator Minimates series returns with another assortment of figures based on the classic action films Predator, Predator 2 and Predators. In this series, Thermal Dutch faces off with the classic Predator, Muddy Royce faces off with a Cloaked Berserker, the Falconer Predator teams up with the Warrior Predator, and a rare, one-per-case 2-pack features a Cloaked Falconer! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation as well as fully interchangeable parts and accessories. Each 2-pack is packaged on a full-color blister card! A 2-Pack is $9.99/each  and the release will come in Winter 2016!

I’ll also be live-tweeting and perhaps I’ll be activating Periscope when I come across a few cosplay Terminators, Barbarians and Predators. There’s always a few T-800s and Arnold fans walking the showroom floor so I’ll try to share the best cosplay outfits with you all.


Also while on the showroom floor, pick up some free pins! Visit booth #1535 and Small Press Table L-05 for free Terminator and Predator collectible pins! Get Predator pins on Thursday and Terminator pins on Saturday!

Finally, here’s a few panels and signings that Arnold fans may especially be interested in to see and hear from Schwarzenegger’s co-stars.
Robert Patrick (signing) at Entertainment Earth.
Kumail Nanjiani (signing) star of “Why We’re Killing Gunther”
Legacy Effects (panel) Thurday 7:30 – 8:30pm.  Legacy Effects, part of Stan Winston’s team, has worked on many Arnold films! Go, now! Room 26AB
Minimates (panel) discussing upcoming toys including Predator! Room 8 1:30 – 2:30pm
30th anniversary of Aliens (panel)! James Cameron (Terminator & True Lies) and producer Gale Anne Hurd join cast members Sigourney Weaver (Avatar), Bill Paxton (True Lies), Lance Henriksen (Terminator), Michael Biehn (The Terminator) and more for a look back at the iconic science fiction classic in honor of the film's 30th anniversary. Saturday July 23, 2016 3:15pm - 4:15pm Hall H
30th anniversary of Aliens (movie screening)! The event promises “special guest appearances” and concessions provided. Saturday 7PM at the UA Horton Plaza.
Jai Courtney: (Nerd HQ panel) Ask this Terminator Genisys star your questions during his panel!
Celebrating 50 Years of Conan! 2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Frazetta-covered Conan revival from Lancer Books, which inspired all Conan activity since, including comic books, movies, live-action TV, animated shows, Dark Horse projects, scores of derivative characters, Arnold Schwarzenegger's governorship, gaming, and more. Sunday July 24, 2016 11:00am - 12:00pm Room 29AB
Michael Biehn will attend Comic-Con with his wife, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) to share news of a slate of new films being released in the coming year. The couple will also release thriller The Girl (aka Psychopath) in January of 2017, which is directed by Blanc-Biehn and also stars Tia Carrera (True Lies). 
Have a fun and safe Con, everyone and always Stay Hungry!

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