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Exclusive Interviews with Ricky Williams & Jon Lovitz of “Celebrity Apprentice”!

The New Celebrity Apprentice Boss has already terminated two people on the series and now we’re wondering who is next on the chopping block. Tune in tonight at 8pm to see if it is possibly one of these two Apprentices: comedian Jon Lovitz or NFL's Errick Lynne "Ricky" Williams Jr.  I had the pleasure of speaking with both of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s apprentices on the red carpet. Actually there are three apprentices here with me considering Lovitz brought along his dog, Jerry.

TheArnoldFans: Hi Jon, do you think having your dog with you on challenges hurt or helped your performance?
Jon Lovitz: "I think he helped. He’s in a lot of the tasks. I had to bring him because we’re at this hotel all day and spending the night there while we’re doing the show so I had to bring him. So it actually helped. And then people (team mates) started requesting him and Arnold loved him. Did you see that picture he tweeted out?"

TheArnoldFans: When you were on Saturday Night Live. What were those years? Because I wanted to know if you were on when they were doing the Hans and Franz skits.
Jon Lovitz: "I was on ’85 to ’90. Yeah they were, in fact I remember Arnold came to be on it and to watch a sketch and he actually came up and said “That was fantastic” (Jon impersonates the action hero in a good Arnold accent). I’ve met him once before then (on SNL), but yeah, I was around and when he came on, it was hilarious." 
TheArnoldFans: Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon were going to do a film of "Hans and Franz Go to Hollywood” with Arnold. 
Jon Lovitz: "Yeah, that was hilarious, I wish they would have done it!”
TheArnoldFans: Did they ask you if you would have had any part in that film?
Jon Lovitz: "Not that I know of. But I remember hearing about it. I don’t remember if I read the script or if they told me the story but it was hilarious. I think Arnold wanted to do it but it never happened. I wish they would have done it."

TheArnoldFans: What are your top 3 favorite Arnold films?
Jon Lovitz: "The Terminator, Total Recall and, oh, the one with Tia Carrere, True Lies!”
TheArnoldFans: My son and I love your movie "Rat Race" and in a way, it’s very similar to Apprentice. Everyone going off to do these fast-paced challenges and you’re all rushing around. Was it a big deal psychically for you? 
Jon Lovitz: "Well, it was tiring because they had us working a busy sixteen hours a day and you get to bed around eleven at night and then you’re up again by six in the morning and you go, go, go. It was hard and tiring."

Next, I spoke with NFL star, Errick Lynne "Ricky" Williams Jr.  On the red carpet, we even did the Predator “man-shake” for a photo. 

TheArnoldFans: You’re working for a big action hero here. Long before Apprentice, who do you think you looked up to more, Arnold or Stallone?

Ricky Williams: "Arnold. I think his background as a bodybuilder is something I can relate to. Loved Pumping Iron. He inspired me also out of the gym and off into the field. He was able to parla his success into something bigger. He always thinks big and is looking for what’s next and I’m definitely inspired by that!"

TheArnoldFans: Did you clash with anyone in this group of Apprentices or did you make any good friends?

Ricky Williams: "I did. Matt Iseman, Carson Kressley and also Jon Lovitz. The guys team were really close and had each other’s backs. Once we switched teams and the girls came over, I bumped heads with Brooke and Laila a little bit."

TheArnoldFans: Did you make up?
Ricky Williams: "We did today, actually."
TheArnoldFans: Do you think having Lovitz's dog with you on challenges hurt or helped your performance?
Ricky Williams: "No way. Jerry helped us. Jerry Bruckheimer the 3rd starred in a couple of our spots. I don’t think we would have done as well without Jerry. He’s our all-star.”
TheArnoldFans: What are your top 3 favorite Arnold films?
Ricky Williams: "Predator, Kindergarten Cop and the first Terminator.”

Watch Jon Lovitz play for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Ricky Williams play for Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation on The New Celebrity Apprentice on Monday nights from 8-10pm.

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