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"Scavenger Hunt" At Last on Blu-Ray: WIN IT HERE!

Scavenger Hunt, released in 1979, was a movie I watched countless times in my childhood but was never released on DVD or Blu-ray. At last, 38 years later, this cult classic with a great Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo is BACK! Kimi Lobber Inc. has just released Scavenger Hunt on DVD and Blu-Ray, giving Schwarzenegger fans a good reason to celebrate as we can finally complete our Arnold movie collection!
I just watched the Blu-ray and the transfer looks very clean (unlike my photos that I took of my TV set that I’m using in this article)! What’s great about Scavenger Hunt is that although you may not recognize the NAMES of the actors, you will certainly know their faces! Pretty much every single actor in this film has either come from fame or went onto fame in future films.


Directed by Michael Schultz, Scavenger Hunt stars Richard Benjamin, James Coco, Cloris Leachman, Roddy McDowall, Tony Randall, Cleavon Little, Scatman Crothers, Ruth Gordon, Meat Loaf, Vincent Price and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this 116 min comedy, several teams are asked to go on a scavenger hunt as the last wish from a deal man’s will with a full $200,000,000 inheritance for the winner-takes-all challenge! The nutty and newly-departed millionaire's will was specific: his fifteen would-be heirs are to participate in a highly-unusual game and whoever finds all the items first, wins his entire estate!
Schwarzenegger plays a fitness coach who attempts to train Motley, played by Tony Randall, in his gym. Motley (pronounced “Madely” by Arnold) is there only for a medicine ball, which is on his scavenger hunt list of items. This is one of Arnold’s first film roles and while his accent is a bit stronger, he performs wonderfully as he delivers many lines in one long consecutive scene. About five minutes later into the film, we’re back again in the gym watching Arnold and Tony Randall on the tread mill and we see the outcome of Motley's mission to obtain his medicine ball. All together Arnold is only in the film for about a minute and a half but it’s worth the wait for his scene and worth the price of this DVD / Blu-ray!

While a bit campy at times, this film is still a lot of fun. There’s several good car stunts, falls and crashes and the film even has a decent film budget. Special Features include an audio commentary by Director Michael Schultz, an interview with Richard Benjamin and interview with actor Richard Masur.
Order the DVD / Blu-ray NOW by clicking HERE or try to win one of 5 here at TheArnoldFans!

Email ME with the subject heading: "Scavenger Hunt" and include your name, address and the answer to this question:

1. What is Arnold’s character’s name in Scavenger Hunt?
Hint: You can search on YouTube or IMDB for the answer

Fans with the correct answer will be put into a final drawing to determine the 5 Blu-ray winners. Contest is now open. Only one entry per person and per email. Contest ends on Feb 3rd and the winners will be notified by email. Good luck!

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