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Exclusive: Bonus Details of The ALL NEW Terminator Endoskull Speaker!

How great is this new Terminator product?! The announcement of AC Worldwide's Terminator Endoskeleton speaker comes at the perfect time, just before Arnold’s 70th birthday and during the hype of T2 in 3D to be released next month. AC Worldwide, the company that brought us the award- winning Star Wars speakers has today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for the fully licensed polished alloy Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton multi media Speaker, with built in Camera and Alexa functionality.  This first-of-its-kind speaker will be a must-have collectable for any fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Terminator movie franchise.


The Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton speaker is an exact, polished alloy replica of the robot created for the T1 movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Designed with remarkable attention to detail, the T-800 boasts high-quality audio with powerful bass, glowing red eye sockets with a motion detecting camera in its left eye, cloud storage and voice-control using the built-in Alexa feature. Standing 45cm (18 inches) tall, this is one of the largest reproductions of the Endoskeleton skull ever produced. The addition of the glowing red camera in the left eye gives the speaker a further true likeness of the movie character. The camera serves two functions: security and fun. If you’re not at home and the camera’s motion sensors are triggered, you can view what the camera is seeing in real-time via the AC Worldwide T-800 mobile application – allowing you to see what’s going on in your home. With a year’s free cloud recording, your videos are backed up, for playback whenever you wish.  Equally, choose to use the app (iOS and Android) in live view to see what is going on at any given time.

TheArnoldFans spoke with Karl Grimsley, founder and creator of the Terminator speaker, to get some inside information and also to clear up a problem we saw with the early prototype images. Don’t worry, Karl assures TheArnoldFans that the eyesore WILL be fixed!
TheArnoldFans: While we LOVE this product, the ONLY thing that looks out-of-place is the word “THE” on the nameplate. The word THE looks too big and uses an odd font. Is that just a temporary image to show the licensor that the word THE will be there…and later you can make it in a smaller font? 
Karl Grimsley: "Yes, when I was making the prototype I had to get it approved by the license agent who told me the correct title is The Terminator, I had already made the plaque so I quick etched "The" in to get it passed.  The images are renders of the prototype, the actual models will use the correct fonts throughout - I promise not more quick etching."

TheArnoldFans: How long have you wanted to create an Endoskeleton?
Karl Grimsley: "As a huge fan of Terminator I always wanted to find a solution to how I could make something awesome from The Endoskeleton. I started drawing out a design 18 months ago - to start with as just a speaker, but the more I looked at it I felt we needed to make this more than just a speaker - its from the future so we need to make it unique. I have been designing, coding and creating the internals for The T-800 for the last 6 months. I now know what I need to do to actually make it."

TheArnoldFans: How challenging was it to produce compared to other ACWorldwide creations?
Karl Grimsley: "The challenge has been to ensure we can generate the right level of sound and quality and combine the other really cool features and ensure they all can work well together - which I know we can do. The product will be made out of Alloy so the cost just for tooling alone is high, but I believe to give customers the most exciting menacingly beautiful T-800 I have to make it Alloy - Plastic or resin just won't do!  I am hoping the community and Terminator fans across the world will get behind our Kickstarter campaign and give us their support, without them we won't be able to do it."
TheArnoldFans: Because this product does so much connecting people to technology, what do you have to say about this product possibly being the cause for Skynet to take control over humanity? 
Karl Grimsley: "Oops, my bad! I take full responsibility for the chaos caused when I make this product later this year! I apologise for any inconvenience I may have caused in advance.  Actually scratch that, I want positive chaos, drive and for the AC Worldwide Terminator to obtain world dominance and protect others against the threat to humanity."

 This is so much more than an audio speaker, with a built in Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) from Amazon Alexa, this speaker will become your go to device for all questions. Simply ask it for the day’s weather forecast, or the latest news, or even use it for the children homework questions. Simply ask and Alexa will deliver the answers through your T-800 speaker.


The Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton speaker is available on Kickstarter with pledges starting as low as £5 / $6 for a support mention on the product page. Running for the initial seven days is the exclusive early bird pledge, for £275 / $300 you will receive a first batch Terminator T-800 speaker with certificate of authenticity and gift box.  There are more exclusive one-off pledges available for those wishing to own this unique speaker, including serial number 101 (which was the T-800’s serial number in the movies), a personalised speaker with your name on, or the special limited edition ultimate ‘white gold’ unit. 


AC Worldwide’s founder Karl Grimsey said, “We are truly very excited to have the opportunity to bring the T-800 to life, with a fully licenced replica – if you’re a Terminator fan you’re going to love this. While the project is technically challenging and loaded with features, we have a solid track record of delivery. Of course, we know that this will resonate with fans of the Terminator movies, but we also hope it will be of interest to a broader group of sci-fi, design and technology lovers. We hope that everyone will help support the Kickstarter campaign so that we can bring this ‘menacingly beautiful’ speaker and camera system to the market.”

 Well add the link here very soon but for now, Head to Kickstarter NOW to pre-order!

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