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The Schwarzenegger Watch Collection: Shelved or Terminated?

We all know Schwarzenegger likes things big, especially watches. Arnold and Daniel Marshall had designed the limited edition Tank Watch, inspired by his Austrian Army tank, with proceeds going towards he After School All Stars. In the past, Arnold had worked exclusively with Audemars Piguet on special watches which he had for movies such as T3 and even a design when he was governor of California. Those watches range from about $30,000 and above.

Back in 2015, Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed with the Brazilian Magnum Group and went to Baselworld 2015 (which is a watch and jewelry show) to promote and introduce the Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Collection. The Schwarzenegger Watch collection was to be sold within a more affordable price range. 

Randy Jennings from TheArnoldFans interviewed Schwarzenegger about the watches back in June of 2015.

TheArnoldFans: Let me ask you about this new Arnold watch line that you have coming out because I know you have some Terminator watches coming out. So can you please tell me more about this watch line?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I have always been interested in watches but the ones that I liked, like this one for instance, it’s a beautiful watch but not something everyone can afford. So therefor the idea was to create a watch line that looks like that, that it could be fifty thousand dollars or one hundred thousand dollars but it cost only between eight hundred and fifteen hundred dollars. So this is what the idea is of the Arnold line. So that almost everybody can afford it and they can be proud of something that is bigger than the normal watch out there. With this line, there are military watches, there are going to be sports watches from my sports and athletic career and watches from my movie career, kind of Terminator type of watches. So there are military and action watches. Then there are more refined watches like The Governor’s watch from my political career. So this is what you will see."  

Have these watches been Terminated for good? Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans from all around the world were pumped up about the unique ballsy watch collection to hit the stores, but we heard news otherwise. The website for the watch collection was shut down and the Facebook page looked like it was terminated.

Shahi Sabzevari, one of our media support team members contacted the Magnum Group for an update:

TheArnoldFans: What is the status on the Schwarzenegger watch? Will these be available? Has the project been changed and no longer going to be produced?

Magnum: First of all, thank you for contacting Magnum Ind da Amazonia. Unfortunately, the Schwarzenegger watch project was discontinued. 

Will Schwarzenegger go a different route with his watch line or will he remain focused on an all new bodybuilding and fitness supplements instead? Time will tell.

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