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T2 in 3D Gets a New Trailer & Will Be Exclusive to AMC Theaters!

He told us he’d be back and Terminator 2 will be back in  theaters on August 25, 2017 with a 4K remaster and of course 3D.  The second trailer which was recently released couple of days ago, shows Jim Cameron talking about the updated film. T2 in 3D will be released globally so check below for other announced release dates in your country.

"The Images Feel More Real in 3D,” Begins Cameron. "There is a lucidity to it like you're there. The film was released 25 years ago and a lot of fans of the movie were not even born yet. So for a lot of people, it will be a thrill seeing it in the movie theatre. On top of that, you have it in 3D. They worked with the best 3D conversion house in the world which is Stereo D." He was seeing it through the final processes and says "it’s spectacular."

The restored film will screen exclusively at AMC locations during its first week back in theaters.

“‘Terminator 2’ has stood the test of time and is still hailed by critics as one of the best sci-fi movies in film history,” said Elizabeth Frank, exec VP at AMC Theatres. “Now, the newly restored version of the film will take the already extraordinary special effects to a new level, and AMC is honored to give fans a newly immersive experience of a legendary film, as well as introduce the blockbuster to a new generation.”

“The 4K 3D restoration and conversion of the film looks stunning, and after 26 years the film hasn’t aged one little bit,” said François Scippa-Kohn of Distrib Films US. “AMC Theatres is the perfect fit for this release and a terrific opportunity for Distrib Films US and our partners Metal Rabbit Media, MPRM Communications, and Kyle Thorpe PR to get the film in front of fans in a spectacular new way.”

For the USA, check out for movie times in your area coming soon.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day will screen worldwide in theaters on August 11 through September 30.


August 11th at TOHO Cinemas – CONFIRMED


August 24th – CONFIRMED

New Zealand

August 24th – CONFIRMED


August 24th – Volga Films – CONFIRMED


August 24th 2017 at Pathé Cinemas – CONFIRMED


August 25th 2017 at AMC Theatres via Distrib Films US – CONFIRMED


August 25th 2017 at Cineplex Theatres via Mongrel Media – CONFIRMED – 4K Blu-Ray Announcement

Taiwan – Republic of China (ROC)

August 25th 2017 at Courtesy of GaragePlay – CONFIRMED


August 29th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 25th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 25th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 25th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 25th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 25th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 29th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 29th 2017 – CONFIRMED


August 29th 2017 – CONFIRMED


September 20th 2017 – CONFIRMED

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