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30th Anniversary Predator Action Figures by NECA!

NECA continues to roll out some awesome new Predator figures, celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s greatest films! Jungle Briefing Dutch, the San Diego Comic Con exclusive, came in some very cool packaging - showing the Dillon arm giving Dutch the iconic “manshake” and Dutch also had a ballsy stogie clenched in his mouth. Another great figure that can now be found at Toys R Us and comic book shops is this eerie Jungle Demon Predator in a mid-cloaked color scheme. “It changed colors, like the chameleon…it uses the jungle.” 

There’s a few other past Predaor figures coming back to shelves in all new 30th anniversary packaging but the coolest news is that NECA recently teased fans recent;y saying there may be another surprise coming soon to celebrate the 30th anniversary line. We’re hoping for a Dillon figure and a “Bomb-Survival Ash Fallout Dutch!”


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