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Exclusive: Dreams Come True for the Loganator!

After Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted a picture of him meeting Logan from the Make A Wish Foundation, TheArnoldFans spoke with a representative to learn more about this 15-year-old boy’s special day.

Coming all the way from Walden, NY, Logan, battling cystic fibrosis, would have a dream come true to meet his favorite action film star. After hearing about Logan, Arnold Schwarzenegger was pumped to meet his number one fan and made sure to give this little champion a fantastic adventure – complete with hugs, autographs, photo mementos and a thrilling tank ride!
 "Logan’s absolute favorite movie is The Terminator,  a spokesperson begins to tell TheArnoldFans. "For his wish, Logan wanted nothing more than to shake Arnold’s hand and get his autograph.”

Logan had a full adventure with Arnold and much of the day came as a complete surprise to Arnold’s young fan.
 "The wish took place on Tuesday morning, August 15, the Make A Wish spokesperson begins. "Logan and his family were picked up by a limo and taken to a location chosen by Arnold. Unbeknownst to him, Logan arrived at a giant dirt lot where three of Arnold’s military vehicles were waiting for him. Logan met Arnold and after some talking and questions, the two went for a ride in each of the vehicles. The tank was Logan’s favorite. After the ride, Arnold spent more time talking with Logan and gave him a t-shirt. He also signed a t-shirt that Logan brought with him and stopped to take multiple photos.”

We also learned that aside from admiring The Terminator, Logan likes to ride his bicycle, play Call of Duty, eat  Mac-’N'-Cheese and listen to Nirvana. How cool is this kid? I mean, who doesn’t like to feast on Mac-’N'-Cheese, play games, listen to Nirvana and watch Terminator? It sounds like Logan is one of the family here at TheArnoldFans!

“Everything is possible, if you believe it,” Schwarzenegger told Logan. When it comes to making wishes come true, it sounds like Logan believes, and so do we.

Inside Edition produced a piece on this WISH. Check it out below!

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