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Exclusive: Patrick Schwarzenegger on New Film, Fitness Training & His Dad!

While we were at the Arnold Classic in Ohio, our own Ryan Gillen and Adrian Pavel had the interview opportunity to sit down with Patrick Schwarzenegger to talk about his new film release, "Midnight Sun” by Open Road Films. Patrick accompanies his father to the Arnold Classic almost every year so he also gave his fans a special screening of the film in Columbus Ohio. TheArnoldFans sat with Patrick to discuss his new movie, his goals, fitness, his dad and more.
"The movie is really a heart-felt, coming-of-age story but t’s not your ordinary love story, Patrick begins. "It’s different because it’s dealing with someone who has a rare genetic disorder called XP (Xeroderma pigmentosum), which is what Bella’s character has and even the smallest amount of sunlight can be proven deadly so it’s kind of how this relationship is going to function with this disease she has. It’s through my character that I sort of pull her out of this life of isolation and will she finally be able to live a life of a moral teenager and embark on an experience of love. So it’s really just an overall beautiful story. It’s fun, it’s funny, and you have to bring your tissue because it will make you cry a little. But the fun thing about this is that it’s for all ages, weather you’re a 14-year-old girl in high school, or a college student or a mom and dad who wants to bring your family. I mean, it’s for everyone."

In Midnight Sun, Patrick had to retrain his fitness routine to focus more on his character who is a swimmer.

"This is one of the best shapes I’ve been in my life," Patrick tells us. "Because of the swimming (for this film), the change from lifting weights to going into the pool for 1 to 2 hours everyday is such a change on your body and the amount of eating you have to do is so different because there’s so much cardio - and it’s full body! It’s not only getting your heart rate up, your lower and upper body is also being utilized. And then with The Long Road Home, I did a lot of military stuff, like long distance running and a lot of weight training. I was probably about 25 pounds heavier for The Long Road Home vs Midnight Sun but it was completely opposite genre films and completely opposite training."

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his son some encouragement.

"My whole family is always supportive of what I do,” says Patrick. "They're always asking ‘What do I love? Is that acting? Is that business? Do you want to be a teacher? A politician? What is it? We’ll be supportive of whatever it is you want to do.’  He’s always said that to me. He’s always said, ‘Do what you love and if you practice every day, you have potential to be the best at what you want to do.”

Patrick also tells TheArnoldFans that one day it would be a goal to work with his father in a movie. Naturally, before we let Patrick go, we had to ask him what his top three favorite films are from his dad’s filmography.

"When I was younger,”
Patrick begins, "I grew up watching the ones that were suitable for by age so I liked Kindergarten Cop. That was always one of my favorites. But as I grew up it was True Lies, Terminator and Predator became my favorites."

We had a few other questions for Patrick Schwarzenegger too so you can watch our video below to see and hear more! Thank you Patrick! We’re looking forward to seeing this film and all your other upcoming projects!

Midnight Sun opens this Friday: March 23rd, 2018!

Watch the complete Exlclusive interview below:

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