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The Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster Sale! 

Welcome to the big Arnold Schwarzenegger Poster Sale! Most of these posters below can be yours and will go to the FIRST person who claims them for the set price listed below. However, there are a few posters (listed in red) that will be offered to you as an AUCTION that ends in one week on March 17th. All you need to do is starting now, email and write down your name and the dollar amount that you’re willing to pay). The minimum bid price is also listed in red and you’ll be notified on the 9th if you’re the winner(s). About these posters: these are all originals from film studios or the poster printing companies that originally produced them. Some have come to me over the years by Arnold’s staff, the movie studios or are rare promotional mail-away posters. I just don’t have the wall space for these but maybe you have the perfect wall at your home or at your office or gym? 

Shipping for 2-3 posters in the USA is just $7.00 and will come in a poster tube. 4-6 posters is $12.00. Unlimited posters: just $15.00!
Overseas shipping is sadly much, much more expensive so if you are overseas, you’ll probably want to buy many posters to make it worth the shipping charges.

The Running Man 1987 Medium sized Poster! $25.00
(Graded A- or B+)

Eraser and Large 1980s Folded Arms Poster! $30.00 for both

Eraser Theatrical double sided (Graded B or B- Small tear at top with tape)
1986 Arnold medium sized poster (graded A+)

3 Batman and Robin posters! $20.00 for all 3
Promotional Art poster: Mr Freeze (rolled … Graded A+)
Promotional Art poster: Mr Freeze (originally sent to people folded … Graded B)
Batman and Robin Full cast: (Graded A+)

Batman and Robin: Heroes and Villains: $25.00 for both
Villains: (Graded A-)
Heroes: (Graded A-)

Jingle All the Way Large Poster and mini poster! $15.00 for both
Theatrical Double sided poster (Graded B- because of torn edge)
Small mini poster (Graded A)

Expendables 1 and 2 Posters! $40.00 for all 3
Expendables 1 (Graded A)
Expendables 2 Full cast (Graded A)
Expendables 2 Arnold as Trench (Graded A)

Terminator 1 posters and Autographed The Victim Posters! $30.00 for all 3
Terminator Long poster: (Graded A except it’s laminated).
Terminator 30th Anniversary poster: (Graded B / small tear)
The Victim (Graded A-). Autographed by Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc

6 Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Posters! $45.00 for all 6
(Most graded Graded A. One graded B+)
4 Large full sized posters from the studio + 2 mini posters.
The mini poster is the one that shows the full cast.


Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines: set of 3!  $30.00 for all 3
Double sided Theatrical (graded A+)
T3 Coming Soon poster…small tape tear on edge (graded B)
Sama Exclusive Eyewear Super Glassy (Graded A-)

T3 Poster featuring all the movie cards from Impel Factory! RARE!  $20.00
(Graded A)

Terminator 4: 7-11 Store Slurpee and T4 Mini poster: 15.00 for both
(Both Graded A-)

Terminator 4: Full 7-11 campaign lot of promotional Slurpee ads: 45.00 for all

End of Days Theatrical Double Sided Posters Plus BONUS surprise promotional posters! 25.00 for all
Arnold Up Close (Graded A-)
Arnold standing (Graded A-)

Collateral Damage : 25.00 for all 3
Original teaser Double Sided (Graded A-)
Regular poster (Graded A-)
Video Release (Graded A)

Subway Arnold Classic Poster and T2:3D poster!  20.00 for both
1992 Subway Arnold Classic Sponsor poster (Graded C+ but super rare)
T2:3D unfolded (some poster flaws…Graded B-)

Twins Complete Set of 3 Theatrical posters! $40.00 for all 3
Schwarzenegger, Danny Devot and the two together (Graded A-)

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger campaign Lawn Signs! $30.00 for both
Shipping for these will cost more than posters due to a larger shipping box.
$15.00 for shipping.

Junior, 6th Day and Around the World Posters: 15.00 for all 3
Junior Double sided theatrical (grades B-)
6th Day (Graded B)
Around the World in 80 Days (Graded B-)

Classic: 3 Posters, Cybex, 1999, 2003!  20.00 for all 3
The Arnold Classic posters (graded A)
Cyber Poster (Graded A)

Last Action Hero! 30.00 for both
Theatrical Teaser "Ticket Poster“ Double Sided! (Graded A-)
Medium poster with toy coupons for the figures at the bottom (Graded A-)


Two George Butler Arnold Schwarzenegger Posters! $50.00 for both
2 different original Arnold posters.
(Graded A and B+…. Small corner stain on one of them.)

The Tomb (Escape Plan) SUPER RARE Poster! $40.00
There were only 2 of these printed out by the special effects studio that created the movie!
These high res images were taken of the actor’s faces to be used later for post production computer effects.
No one has ever even see this poster or images before. I own the other one which is autographed by the director to me.
This one is without an autograph. 
(Graded A+)

Terminator 2: July 3rd, 1991 Teaser Poster: $40.00
(Graded B+…small corner and side imperfections)

Two Commando Posters: Rare, Tall Door Poster plus the Regular theatrical poster! $40.00
Door poster: (Graded C+ due to wrinkling on the sides.)
Regular Poster: (Graded B-)

Two Theatrical Predator Posters: Coming Soon and Regular Poster! $45.00
(Both Graded B)

Conan, Red Heat and The Last Stand Posters! $40.00 for all 3
Conan the Barbarian (Graded B+)
Red Heat (Graded B…small push pin holes in corners)
The Last Stand (Graded A-)

Terminator 2 posters! $45.00 for all 3
I’m Back poster: (Graded B…tape on corners)
T2 poster by RCV (graded B…small tear with tape)
T2 in 3D double sided 2017 release (Graded A+)

T2 Endoskeleton door sized Mail-away Promo poster! $30.00
This poster was offered as a mail away offer from 1991 from the T2 Jawbreaker (Graded A+).

We’re taking orders now but all posters will be mailed out on March 17th. Payment can be made by money orders or PayPal. Email for all orders.

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