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Exclusive: Unboxing the Ultimate John Connor Comic Con Action Figure!

Every year at San Diego Comic Con, NECA gives the fans some great action figure debuts and this year they’re giving all attendees the opportunity to pick up this excellent Ultimate John Connor figure, complete with dirt bike!  NECA has always been giving Schwarzenegger fans some great figures. Over the years, they’ve had several fantastic Comic Con exclusives of Arnold movie characters such as characters from Terminator, Predator and Conan the Barbarian. This year, they’re continuing the promise to make fans happy by getting us this bad-ass Ultimate John Connor!

While you won’t be able to purchase this Connor figure until July 17th-21st at Comic Con, NECA was awesome enough to send TheArnoldFans out this early sample so we can share with you some exclusive photos! The action figure is a homage to the early ‘90s Kenner action figure but what I love most about the figure, other than the amazing articulation and detail, is the fact that he comes with a second head so you can make John be either from T2 or from the Universal Studios attraction - T2: 3D: Battle Across Time! This second head sculpt shows Connor with his T2: 3D headband and different hair style so you can put him with your T2: 3D Arnold Schwarzenegger action figure earlier produced by NECA. 

From Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the young John Connor joins NECA’s Ultimate line! This collector’s version of the boy who will become the leader of the future resistance features an authorized likeness of Edward Furlong and his iconic dirt bike which comes with its own display stand. The 7” scale figure has over 25 points of articulation, and also includes 2 interchangeable heads, removable backpack, hacking device, and Endoskeleton arm in display case.

Now for some unpacking pictures! 

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