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Exclusive: Arnold and Milius Reunited and Discuss the Next Conan film!

Directly after Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Milius reunited this last weekend at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, Arnold invited John out to his home in Los Angeles where they spoke for three hours or more about the days of high adventure and talked about the past and future of Conan films.  We know Schwarzenegger’s fans have wanted him to do another Conan movie more than any other sequel and while the next film has fallen through the cracks a couple of times lately, the demand for the follow-up 1982 film grows even stronger now than ever.    
"We talked a lot about King Conan,” Schwarzenegger begins to tell TheArnoldFans. "John and I are on the same page. We both want to get it done."
Arnold’s best friend, Franco Columbu, also tells us that no mater what, he is clearing his schedule to be in this sequel.  
Schwarzenegger was on Reddit recently where he shared this image of his Conan statue and the director, all hanging out by the pool. At Reddit, Arnold made the comment saying, "We talked about King Conan and schmoozed a lot and shared memories of the Conan shoot. Fun fact: John told me I should run for Governor way back when we were filming the first movie, almost 40 years ago."     

Also invited was David Baxter (on the left of the Lincoln head), Vice President of Legion M. Could Legion M possibly take part in financing King Conan? The more recent Conan scripts are meant to be very dark, bloody and be heavily inspired by the John Milius original classic. I was in talks with others today over the film title and while Arnold and Milius do refer to it as "King Conan” I hear that it may actually be called "Conan the Conquer”!  

I was also thrilled to meet John Milius myself in San Jose last week where he had signed my Conan sword, approved my Riddle of Steel tattoo and listed to many many tales of fandom. I even reminded him of our 14,000 signatures we collected for King Conan to be made in 2002. Arnold had a higher calling then to become Governor but now that Schwarzenegger is the actual age of the white-bearded King Conan, let CROM grant us this final request. Let Arnold star in King Conan and if the film studio does not listen...      


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