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Exclusive: Winner of Terminate Gerrymandering Contest Has a Blast on T6 Set!

While the set for Terminator 6 was as guarded as Fort Knox, one lucky Arnold fan infiltrated the Budapest set and was hanging out with Arnold for the day. Correction, that fan won a mega contest and was invited to the set! Michael K. is giving his exclusive story on working out with Arnold and spending a lot of time on the Terminator set to TheArnoldFans!

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Recalling the Legend of Stan Lee, Creator of Muscular Heroes! 

I was so honored to have met Stan Lee, the legend who gave us all a universe of imagination and let let people, young and old, feel like action heroes. During his eventful life, Stan even made major contributions to Pumping Iron stars, Lou Ferrigno and Arnold..

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Exclusive: Exclusive: Schwarzenegger & Luna Confirm Final Week of Shooting for T6!

He’s been in front of the camera of Terminator 6 for months now in Budapest but finally Arnold Schwarzenegger has been able to take a filming break these last few days to terminate gerrymandering and to also meet with his fans. On October 27th, Arnold, still with his Terminator beard, did his first ever comic con meet and greet at Alamo City Comic Con.

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It’s Time to Start Running in your Officially Licensed Running Man Attire!

We did it! With the big help of all of you TheArnoldFans contributors, you have all successfully helped 80sTees pass their crowd funding goals so now we will be getting officially licensed The Running Man attire! Pre-order these products now from 80sTees and you'll save roughly 25.00 off the Running Man pants or the Hoodie for a limited time!

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Edward Furlong Comes to Sinister Con in Sacramento, CA this Weekend!

Edward Furlong, star of Terminator 2, T2-3D, American History X, Pet Cemetery and more, has just signed on to do autographs and a panel for this weekend’s horror con in Sacramento! Furlong will be happy to meet you and sign photos or merchandise and take pictures with his fans on October 13th and 14th at Sinister Con held at the Scottish Rite Center.

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Exclusive: Arnold’s Health & Wellness Platform & Filming T6 for 3 More Weeks!

While Arnold Schwarzenegger took a short break from filming 2019’s Terminator to attend and promote the Arnold Sports Festival in Madrid, he told that he’ll be back with an all new line of health supplements.

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A Massive Arnold Schwarzenegger T-Shirt Sale! 

Is it wash day? Nothing clean? Or do you just need some new clothes and some special to wear? Welcome to one of the largest Arnold Schwarzenegger T-shirts collections for sale! About these shirts: Some have come to me over the years from film studios, Arnold’s staff of from officially licensed shops. Many of these very rare shirts can be yours and will go to the FIRST person who claims them for the set price listed below.

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Arnold Wishes Linda Hamilton Happy Birthday from Terminator Set!

The good old days are back! Arnold and the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, have been busy filming the new Terminator movie together, and September 26 was Hamilton's birthday. So Arnold marked the occasion by posting a photo to Twitter that recreates one from the T2 set.

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2019 Ohio Arnold Sports Festival Details + Arnold Carving

Planning your Arnold events for next year? Good! We just got the official announcement for next year's Arnold Sports Festival: Mark your calendars for the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, February 28-March 3, when we’ll celebrate our 31st anniversary with a record 80 sports and events!

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Terminate Gerrymandering & Hang with Arnold on the Set of Terminator 6!

It’s already been over five weeks since Arnold started filming the next Terminator and he has several more weeks to go. The amazing news is you could win the chance to hang out with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of the new Terminator movie!

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