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Expendables 2 Review Roundup!

As we go into the second U.S. weekend of release for Expendables 2, we thought we'd share some of our thoughts on the movie. Since it's not an Arnold starring movie, we won't do a full review, but here is a taste of our reactions (we tried to keep it spoiler free):

Randy: Really enjoyed it. Couldn't help but thinking of Total Recall in one certain scene! Also noticed the Terminator theme briefly snuck in then. Van Damme's introduction scene was one of my favorite parts. He came off real creepy and there was tension. But he should've been more of a murdering dick at the end too. Really looking forward to a possible "Team Arnold" in the next one!

Gillinator: I thought it was a blast! The plot actually flowed better than 1st movie, and Van Damme was a much cooler villain. The action kicked ass- though more hand to hand or creative fights would've been nice. But nothing beats seeing Arnold and Bruce mowing down baddies together in the airport- that just rocked. I think there was only one Arnold line not revealed in trailers or comic con already- though there was one surprising moment. The other guys all felt more comfortable in the roles, so I did feel more like they knew each other really well than the 1st movie too.

Adrian: Stands by his previous review of the test screening a few months ago- Arnold looks amazing, also liked Van Damme as Villain, good that Dolph got more screen time as a main character, good that Statham's romantic side was scaled back compared to 1st movie. Stunts and explosions are amazing, but editing and CGI effects were somewhat disappointing (not improved from EX1).

EX2 has also gotten mostly good reviews from critics as well, scoring 66% fresh on They generally thought it was improved from the first movie, and enjoyed that although there were flaws, it was hard not to have a good time watching it since the movie doesn't take itself too seriously.

To wrap it up, here's an infographic released by Lionsgate on Fandango. Go see EX2 again this weekend and keep it on top!


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