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Exclusive Interviews with Expendables 2 Film Crew!

Congratulations to Arnold and gang of The Expendables 2 for having the #1 movie for the second weekend in a row! Here's our final report from the black carpet of The Expendables 2. We earlier brought you interviews with Schwarzenegger and other co-stars from the film but now let's introduce you to many of the great contributors from the behind the scenes crew! We spoke with the film's composer, Brian Tyler, and we spoke with the costume designer, Lizz Wolf. Lizz not only helped on this film but she was also the costume designer for Rambo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Expendables 1 and The Tomb!

TheArnoldFans: Hi Lizz, did you come up with Arnold's look for the Expendables 2 with the green jacket, the ammo bandoleer and the Hawaiian shirt?

Lizz Wolf: Yeah, I came up with it all.

What's your process with how you come up with the look and who do you show for approval on these costume designs?

I definitely show the director and I show Sly because this is his franchise and he's a part of everything that I do. And as far as the process, we try to give a little nod to who these people are in real life and that's why he wears the Hawaiian shirt; it's a little homage, along with the bandoleer, to Arnold... in hopefully a subtle way. I just want the designs to last.

TheArnoldFans: Great job on the soundtrack. Will you be back for The Expendables 3?

Brian Tyler: Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to the next one; that's going to be amazing.

TheArnoldFans: Sly mentioned that the 3rd film might go sci-fi and may even be related to something out of Arnold's universe. So how would your sci-fi treatment differ from the previous films?

Brian Tyler: If that ends up being the case, I love me some sci-fi music. I even gravitate towards sci-fi music even when it's not a science fiction film. I can't help myself. Even in this (Expendables 2), I wanted to go a little Empire Strikes Back. It even gives it that fantasy feel combined with action.

TheArnoldFans: What instrument best suits Arnold on screen? How do you introduce Arnold on screen? What's his go-to instrument?

Brian Tyler: “Arnold’s go-to instrument is percussion. There’s something about him that drums just feel right for him. There’s some other low instruments that go along with that too. He has probably the ballsiest sound definitely that we see that you’ll see when you watch the movie.”

Now that you got to hear from two of the best off-screen stars, let's give you some bonus interviews! Who's been watching The Olympics? TheArnoldFans spoke with Conor Dwyer, American international swimmer and Olympic gold medalist. Schwarzenegger is also an Olympian. He not only came from Mt Olympus in Hercules in New York, but he won Mr. Olympia and he has been the chairman for the Special Olympics. So if it came down to you going up against Arnold, who would win the gold?

Conor Dwyer: Arnold is so cool. He's tough. He'd probably win at every sport... but if it came down to us in the pool, I'd win.

Finally, let's meet Nikolette Noel, the actress who plays Liam Hemsworth's wife. Even though we don't get to see Nikolette until the end of the film, for those of you who watched the film, we know she might want to kill a few bad guys herself. So will Nikolette be ready for war?

TheArnoldFans: If there was a spin-off of the Expendables and there was an all-female cast and you were the leader, who would you have on your team?

Nikolette Noel: Well, I love Angelina Jolie, she's my inspiration, of course. I watch her and I think she's amazing. Gina Carano (Haywire) is amazing as well. The third person to fill those shoes would probably be Michelle Rodriquez. I love her. She's just a tough, tough, tough girl so I would love to make a team and go get 'em.

TheArnoldFans: Would you ever consider getting an Expendables tattoo?

Nikolette Noel: I've seen them and I'm not too much of a tattoo girl but I can see myself with one once I start doing action movies. Maybe. Maybe.

TheArnoldFans: So many people out here have Arnold signs, why does he get so much love?

Nikolette Noel: I love Arnold. He's just so powerful when you see him. I mean, he's definitely back! He comes back with a bang and I think people are very excited to see him.

Stick around Arnold fans because we have one more BIG Exclusive coming up! Not only were we on the carpet interviewing the stars, but we also infiltrated the theater! Brian Pearson of TAFs (below LEFT) will soon bring you a report from inside the premiere so expect some fantastic images and stories with the cast and crew!

We also caught up with Dr Robert M. Goldman (Dr. Bob), a leading-edge advocate of anti-aging, health, biotechnology, and longevity. Not only is he showing us a new watch in this picture, but he told us Expendabables 2 was "AMAZING and I had a ball!"

Dr. Bob is the founder of the International Sports Hall of Fame and we look forward to meeting up with him again on the red carpet for The Last Stand in January and in late February at the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival. Ballsy watches, boys!

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    TheArnoldFans - News - Exclusive Interviews with Expendables 2 Film Crew!
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    TheArnoldFans - News - Exclusive Interviews with Expendables 2 Film Crew!
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    TheArnoldFans - News - Exclusive Interviews with Expendables 2 Film Crew!

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