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Edward Furlong's Big Comeback in "Matt's Chance"!

Edward Furlong, star of Terminator 2, looks like he might be getting another chance for success in the new film titled Matt's Chance.
It's a darkly comedic tale of love, revenge, and the fickle nature of human morality. It tells the story of Matt (Edward Furlong), a down-on-his-luck loser who on his birthday night discovers his fiancée, Jessica, in bed with another man. As Matt learns the true depth of Jessica’s betrayal, he begins a downward spiral revenge quest that pits him face-to-face with a wide array of characters including an eccentric pawn shop owner (Gary Busey), an aging stripper (Margot Kidder), and a barber with an agenda (Lee Majors).

Viktoriya Dov, Hollywood reporter for TheArnoldFans, attended an LA screening and met the director, Nicholas Gyeney, and the rest of the crew. Gyeney tells us what it is like to work with the former John Connor star.
"You know, when it comes to Eddie, today it seems to be popular to first think of him as that actor who's in and out of trouble with the
law," begins the firm's director. "But when it comes to his acting abilities, as well as his work ethics, Eddie is extremely respectful and professional. Every time I yelled action, Eddie would LEAP into a zone that is difficult to describe. He would nail deliveries with ease, and his performance has
elevated "Matt's Chance" into a complex character journey that I'm very proud of. I will step out on a limb and say that his performance
in our dark comedy was one of his very best, and his current circumstances in life only build on the tension and humanity of his
work in the film."

Gyeney also tells TAFs about his first encounter with Edward Furlong which happened many year ago at one of the Disney theme parks.
"When I was 17 years old, I met Eddie in line for Space Mountain at Euro Disney in Paris. I was on a trip with my mother and sister to celebrate my acceptance and scholarship to USC's film school. When I approached Eddie, we spoke for a few minutes regarding his career, as well as my deep love for Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which is my favorite movie. Before we parted, I told him that one day we would make a movie together. He smiled when I said it, out of courtesy, of course. But when I called to offer him "Matt's Chance" nearly 8 years later, I reminded Eddie of the story, to which he responded, "That was you!?"
Edward Furlong even agreed to bust out a Public Enemy shirt for the director!
"We bonded instantly, and he even indulged me by agreeing to wear the famous Public Enemy shirt from T2 for a flashback scene. He was quick
to tell me that he would not do this for anyone else, which made the moment quite special for me. It was a fantastic creative experience, and I'm sure we will work together again one day soon."

Matt's Chance is currently enjoying a very successful film festival tour, where it has won several awards for best picture, musical
score, and various acting awards. If you're a follower of Edward Furlong, try to catch Matt's Chance at one of these upcoming festivals!

LA Indie Fest (Los Angeles)
Gasparilla International Film Festival (Tampa Bay)
Amelia Island Film Festival
Canada International Film Festival (Vancouver B.C.)
World Fest (Houston)
Vegas Indie Film Festival and many more to come!

You can also follow Mirror Images LTD on Facebook and Twitter for further upcoming festivals and for future release details
like iTunes, Netflix, Blu-Ray and more. Watch the film trailer NOW by clicking HERE! For Edward Furlong making a big comeback in the film Matt's should be "NO PROBLEMO!"

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