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Exclusive: A "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" MOVIE?! 

Get ya ass to (Veronica) Mars! In the wake of the multi-million dollar "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter campaign, a movement set forward by the fans to revive the show, I wondered if Kickstarter might also be the perfect solution to revive the sci-fi fan-favorite TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Loved by nearly all, this was a very well-written, smart and perfectly cast show which unfortunately was cancelled all-to-soon by the network. FOX often kills a show before its full potential like Firefly, Family Guy (until resurrected) and T:SCC but they are all now cult classics and have an everlasting fan-base. When T:SCC had the slightest dip in viewership, even though the numbers were still respectable and it was well reviewed, it was shockingly terminated. But can it still come back? Well, I've learned that if Annapurna Pictures will listen to the fans, the cast and crew want to do a movie!


James Middleton, the executive producer for Rise of the Machines and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, just told me that he wants the gang back. If Annapurna Pictures will get on board, he and producer/writer Josh Friedman want to give the fans a full-blown movie!
James Middleton: "You know, Josh Friedman and I have talked a lot about this (and I mean A LOT) and he recently tweeted about it in the wake of the VM (Veronica Mars) excitement. The issue is that the current owners of the franchise seem to have no interest in reviving TSCC. And if they were interested, they would not need Kickstarter to finance the movie. There are well-funded entities that have previously expressed strong interest in reviving TSCC and the franchise owners (Annapurna Pictures) - through their reps - have passed on the idea. WBTV no longer has the sole right to restart the series or to do a spinoff, so the participation of the current franchise owners is critical. But they seem to be focussed on making Terminator movies at the moment which is not shocking or even a surprise. Josh and I would love to do a TSCC movie, if it were possible. A movie would be more feasible to schedule with the cast."

Although the producers are on board and the cast is also eagerly awaiting a reunion, they don't believe Annapurna Pictures will bite. So this is where the fans need to come in and let your voices be heard. Perhaps when Annapurna Pictures was pitched a resurrection of T:SCC, they had NO IDEA of the love we have for the show. Some fans even argue that the television series, as a whole, was better that the last two Terminator films.

Do you want these characters back in a movie, which could be made immediately following Terminator 5? Who knows, maybe Arnold could have a role in both films in two different timelines? Whatever direction they could go in with the story, count me in; we just need this cast and crew back! Friedman can finally write in those snow and underwater Terminator fight scenes that he said he desperately wanted to do on the show.

So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit on your asses and do nothing? WRONG! Stand up! If Veronica Mars fans are making a difference, imagine what Terminator fans are capable of! Do you lack discipline or will you fight and let your voices be heard? Tweet @AnnapurnaPics now and if they get thousands of tweets bombarding them, perhaps they will understand the true phenomenon of T:SCC!

Tweet the following NOW:
The cast & crew of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wants to do a MOVIE! Please Support T:SCC @AnnapurnaPics @TheArnoldFans

Pass this story onto all your friends who watched the show or pass it on to other Terminator supporting websites! Also, be sure to give your regards to and tell them how much the show means to you. If all goes well, perhaps Summer Glau, Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, Shirley Manson, Brian Austin Green, James Middleton and Josh Friedman will make a surprise announcement this year at Comic Con! We'll be there in the front row in Ballroom 20!

Another very successful Kickstarter movement was set forward by our favorite band ArnoCorps. The heroic band hoped to raise $5k to produce a fantastic new CD. When the Kickstarter campaign was finished and the smoke had cleared, the band was blown away by the fan support. They made three to four times their goal. Well done, ArnoCorps! We know the money will help produce your greatest audio assault and ballsiest tour ever! We'll be there in the front always!


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    TheArnoldFans - News - Exclusive: A "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" MOVIE?! 
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    Response: OOiEFegy
    TheArnoldFans - News - Exclusive: A "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" MOVIE?! 
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    TheArnoldFans - News - Exclusive: A "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" MOVIE?!
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    TheArnoldFans - News - Exclusive: A "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" MOVIE?!
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