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Thrilling Genisys Trailer Description is Terminator’s Damage Control!

At long last, we have some juicy Terminator: Genisys news to report! With so little real info out there as far as official studio stuff, fans online don't really know whether to be excited or dreading the newest entry in the franchise. Thankfully, there will be an official teaser trailer coming out soon, but if you absolutely can't wait for it, we have a fairly detailed description of it to share. The source for this is someone who supposedly works for the studio and has seen a rough version of the teaser, without finished effects, and posted this on his Twitter account. He says "it looks promising" and "tonally on par with the first and second instalments." Here's the full description below- obviously it won't give away big plot details as it is a teaser, but still, if you'd like to view it in theaters (or online) without knowing what it shows, this is your last warning to skip the quote below!


The teaser for #TerminatorGenisys begins with a black screen. Industrial sounds and familiar music (Brad Fidel) ...
VO: "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves." Loud bwaaarrgghhh noise. Smash cut. Kyle, Connor running down a dark corridor.
A huge explosion, a quick shot of a HK centurion looming over a battlefield shooting up the battleground. A building shatters. Hard cut.
Electricity sparks, Arnold 1984 uncoils and stands up. Camera wrap around. Over his shoulder, Arnold (grey hair approaches from distance).
He's holding a shotgun. Raises it and points it at 1984's Arnold's face. Screen goes black. Loud signature Terminator industrial beats.
Shot of Kyle and Connor running down corridor, Kyle falls on his back and shoots an assault rifle. Connor turns shoots (something).
Vista of mass destruction in LA, people being shot by something off camera. Cut to black, Door gets kicked in. Arnold: "Sarah Connor."
Screen goes dark again. Smash cut a fleet of HK's rise over a destroyed LA, a silver T1000 smashes through a large plate of glass.
A T1000 with motorcycle helmet smashes a car windscreen and begins leaking through it... A shot of Sarah Connor screaming. Goes black.
More music, then fade in Older Arnold opposite his younger naked self. He looks him over raises shotgun. Screen goes dark shot rings out.
The older T800 and Sarah Connor are in a chopper, she looks panicked, he turns to her and says. "I'll'' be back." Then jumps out.
Loud music cue, (brad fidel) Screen goes dark. #TerminatorGenisys fades onto screen. Music swells.

So what do you think? To us, it sounds pretty legit and it should hit the right notes to get the fans pumped for July to get here fast! We can't wait to see it for real and feel those goosebumps!

Considering Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation were big misfires with the fans, we can only hope Terminator Genisys will be the savior to the franchise. However, according to a podcast called Meet the Movie Press, one of the hosts said he "knows the whole movie" and is trashing it big-time by saying it’s going to really piss off the hardcore Terminator fans and kill the franchise once and for all. Now the only reason we’re mentioning this is due to the fact this scathing script review was picked up by many big news sites in what must have been a very slow news week.

Interestingly enough, the host’s rants were all things that excited us even more for the upcoming film.

1. The first thing he seems to complain about is that "Arnold is coming back as old Terminator." Do we even need to say anything here? This is THE main reason we are excited for Genisys and one of many reasons why Salvation felt so lacking. Arnold is back! And yes, he's old, but the logic behind this was actually recommended by Jim Cameron himself as he recently revealed at the 30th Anniversary Terminator Q&A (possible light spoiler below if they indeed use his idea exactly as described):

“I pointed out that the outer covering [of the Terminator] was actually not synthetic, that it was organic and therefore could age. You could theoretically have a Terminator that was sent back in time, missed his target, and ended up just kind of living on in society. Because he is a learning computer and has a brain as a central processor he could actually become more human as he went along without getting discovered.”

2. The host then whined that they’re bringing a new "different kind of Terminator" into the story. This is fantastic news to our ears! Was he thinking only previously existing villains should be allowed to remain in the franchise? We certainly welcome new, evil cyborg creations to keep things exciting but some people hate change and new character introductions. 

3. The host said the time-traveling will "confuse the hell out of everyone." I love it; sounds like an intelligent film which we'll understand more on our second and third viewing. The original two Terminator films, on their first viewing, were also once said to be confusing, but as Cameron and other filmmakers have shown us, if the time travel/sci-fi elements are grounded with a good story and characters, the audience will pick it up fine even if details are fuzzy the first time around.

One man’s complaint is another man’s nerdgasm so just because that guy didn’t like the script (if he did in fact read or hear about the real script), doesn’t mean it won’t rock our world. It sounded like what he wanted was a straight up remake of the first film, but we know how crappy remakes of other action/sci-fi classics like Total Recall and Robocop have turned out. From the sounds of this upcoming trailer, we may be looking at one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top 5 films. The future looks bright, so put on your Terminator shades and don't let the naysayers drain your fuel cell. Also of note, the same guy who posted the teaser description above had this to say: "PS. Ignore the alleged leaked plot of it's not accurate and reflects older drafts." So there you go. Tell us what you guys think in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

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