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Actor Wayne Bastrup and WWE's Shad Gaspard Red Carpet Interviews!

We continue in our series of Terminator Genisys Red Carpet interviews with actor Wayne Bastrup. It was cool to meet him in person since he had just been on Arnold Radio News the week before. If you didn't catch that, it's episode 29: Don't Bump His Selfie Stick!

Wayne's publicist was drumming up interest with reporters by asking them if they'd like to interview JK Simmons (who was not there), then saying they can have the next best thing since Wayne plays the younger 1984 version of JK Simmons' O'Brien character in the film. When he came up, he was immediately in Gillinator's good graces by remarking that he has an "Arnold-ish look."

TAFs: Have you seen the finished product yet?

Wayne: No, first time, so along with everyone else I’m still a virgin, which is great I’m really looking forward to it.

TAFs: Isn’t this amazing (on the red carpet) with the fire going and everything?

Wayne: It’s mind-blowing! I guess I’m a little shocked at how large it is. I’m just ecstatic that so many people are here, are such fans and come out to see the premiere and watch everybody walk.

TAFs: So this is your biggest movie to date? 

Wayne: Yeah, I would say that! As far as blockbuster sci-fi thriller, this is as big as they come.

TAFs: You of course play the younger version of JK Simmons in the movie.

Wayne: Yeah, JK is not here tonight unfortunately. He’s in Prague with his son who plays in the LA Philharmonic apparantly.

TAFs: Can we just call you JK tonight?

Wayne: That’d be fine. You guys can do that, as long as I can just ride on his tailcoats and take some credit… nah I won’t do that!

TAFs: Besides your own scene, what’s the thing you’re looking forward to seeing most tonight? 

Wayne: I’m actually really looking forward to seeing the fight between Arnold of today and Arnold of 1984, which I think everyone is looking forward to seeing that. That action sequence where he goes against himself is going to be phenomenal. People keep talking about it, so I can’t wait to see it.

TAFs: You think the buzz is sufficiently good, is it going to be a big hit?

Wayne: I think it is, I mean there’s always detractors of course, but Jurassic World just came out, and it’s what, the highest opening movie of all time in just a week and a half… and that’s a reboot and a retool of the series, and Terminator’s in that similar vein that I think it’s got more excitement behind it, especially with Arnold involved.

TAFs: I agree, I think Jurassic’s the biggest until this weekend, right?

Wayne: Right, it’s 4th of July weekend, so everybody’s gotta come out and see the movie… take some time off and see it in an air conditioned theater.

Unfortunatley, our predictions were quite a bit off, but at least Genisys is dominating worldwide, with $85 million overseas, even if the U.S. box office was disappointing.

Next, we also spoke with former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard!

TAFs: Let me ask you, is Arnold responsible for your physique, you getting big in the first place?

Shad: I will tell you right now, Arnold’s responsible for my physique, Arnold’s responsible for my personality. He’s the reason I am the way I am and so outgoing. I saw him as a kid in Curaçao- There’s a show they used to put on where Arnold would travel to Brazil and teach people about English and it was a horrible show, but Arnold was just so cool, in a dune buggy riding around with girls, and I was like “I want to be that guy!” Then I saw Conan and then I was done. I was doing push-ups and sit-ups and Arnold’s my hero, my inspiration for everything.

TAFs: What do you think about Arnold being inducted into the wrestling Hall of Fame? 

Shad: I think it’s awesome. I’m good friends with Victor Ortiz, and he says when he met Stallone for Expendables, he said “Stallone I want to thank you for boxing.” Stallone said “I’m not a boxer.” He was like “You may not think you’re a boxer, because you’re an actor, but you inspired me to be a better fighter.” When I look at Arnold I say “You might not think you’re a sports entertainer or pro-wrestler, but you inspire me to be entertaining, not just be a meathead with muscles, but to be something intelligent. To actually know I can have muscles I can have brain and I can have talent at the same time, and still take care of my body.” He’s the inspiration for a lot of things, not just one.

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