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Contest Prize + Save 15% Off New T2 Cards & 3-Ring Binder by Unstoppable Cards!

Pre-order the all new T2 card sets by Unstoppable Cards by September 18th to save yourself some big savings! In addition to the pre-sale, cut your costs even further with our Code “ARNOLDFANS” to save you an additional 15% off! More good news, we’re giving away a card set to a lucky Terminator / Arnold fan! While these card sets are sold only to UK and Canadian fans, Unstoppable Cards says they will make our contest worldwide! So no matter where you live, if you cab receive mail, you’re eligible to win!

Sold exclusively to UK & Canada fans, get an official NEW box of T2 cards with excellent t2 in 3D packaging and get a T2 3-ring binder! Use our code ARNOLDFANS to save 15% off! Sorry, these are not available for USA shipping but maybe you have a UK or Canadian fan who can buy and ship for you?

The Terminator 2 Base Set contains 72 Cards plus 9 Foil Cards. Now, there’s an Ultra Limited Edition of just 999 Sealed Collector Boxes with 3 special cards in Every Box! Every Box Contains the 72 Card Set, 9 Silver Foil Cards, 1 Guaranteed Autograph Card (possible rare CUT Auto), 1 x Hand Drawn Sketch Card, 1 x Genuine 1992 Film Cell Card or Production Used Printer Plate.

You can also order the extremely limited master set! Only TEN Master Box and Case Topper Pack Cases are available and only for 48 hours, or when sold so if you are considering one of these 1 x MEGA BOX Master Gold Box and 9 x Silver Box editions please don’t hang around too long. The case topper sketch cards alone are some of the finest in the series.

Terminator 2 - T2 CASE PRE-ORDER Ships Sept. 18th, the same day our contest ends. Good luck and if you don’t want to wait to see if you’re the one very lucky winner, head on over to now to buy now or to read more about the various set options!  Don’t forget our Code “ARNOLDFANS” to save you 15% off!

Email us HERE with the subject heading: “Chill Out" and include your name, address and the answer to these two questions:

1.  What year and day does Judgement Day happen, according to Sarah Connor?
2.  What company is making these all new set of T2 movie cards? 

The lucky fans with both correct answers will be put into a final drawing to determine the final winner. Contest is now open. Only one entry per person and per email. Contest ends on Sept 18th and the winners will be notified by email. Good luck!

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