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Hot Toys Endoskeleton Sixth Scale Collectible Figure Review!

Thanks to Sideshow Collectibles, we just got a new package in the mail: the all new Hot Toys Endoskeleton Collectible Figure! Let’s open it up and see what we think! Sideshow and Hot Toys are pleased to officially present this new sixth scale Endoskeleton Collectible (Schwarzenegger’s bones) Figure from Terminator: Genisys. After opening the box with killer artwork, we see the figure sealed and opening him (it) feels like an early Christmas morning.  The Endoskeleton looks 100% identical to the character seen in the film and you’re going to love its chrome polish ( multiple layers of metallic paint) and special features and complicated mechanical details throughout the body!

A long, detailed Endorifle is here and four alternative endo hands are also included: Different hands for direct poses and weapons. Note that the hands are a little challenging to swap out as you have to perfectly align a peg and 3 other endo arm pistons into place. Its movement is truly remarkable and it has over 26 points of articulation. 

It also come with a square-shaped figure base with movie logo and Endoskeleton nameplate. If you already have the Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 Guardian by Hoy Toys, this will look great side-by-side in your collection! 

This Endoskeleton product is 13” tall and looks very menacing with its eerie LED light-up eyes! Be warned that this Hot Toys figures have very small parts so these are not toys for children. These are high-end collectibles for serious builders and admires of fine art. Two microscopic batteries need to be inserted into the back of its head after you open up another tiny battery compartment. You will need a very small screwdriver and a little patience getting the batteries in place but the deadly glow payoff is well worth it!

This new Endoskeleton collectible figure will be a fan-tastic addition to any Terminator or Schwarzenegger collection! To purchase this great Endoskeleton or to read more about the product, CLICK HERE! Also, just a heads up that Sideshow is running a limited time only promotion between the 1st and the 4th of September offering GLOBAL FREE SHIPPING on select items. I’m not sure if this Endoskeleton will have free shipping but you can see their other products that do. Some of the items to include free shipping includes a great selection of Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics sixth scale figures, Premium Format™ Figures, Polystone Statues, Busts, Books and more!

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