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T6 News: Present & Future Characters Together & Underwater Terminators!?

We have some NEW updates for the next Terminator trilogy thanks to our long-time follower friend, Kamal, who attended the James Cameron and Tim Miller panel at the Paramount Theater. According to our very trusted source, Kamal informed us of something very interesting for the next Terminator film; we’ll get characters from the future intermingling with present day ones! 
“He (Cameron) mentioned specifically past and future characters in the same film and will be "folding time."  I have a feeling it will be like “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles" like how they brought back Kyle Reese's brother", says our eye-witness source.
TheArnoldFans spoke with one of the T6 writers, Josh Freidman, who said he always wanted to do a scene with underwater endoskeletons fighting! This is something Friedman wanted to do since he wrote for “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles” but now that he’s punching up this script for T6, maybe he can still work in this excellent underwater battle!
"Oh god, you hit on my pet Terminator project,” begins Freidman.  "I LOVE "Underwater Terminator". I can't even tell you. I am DETERMINED to have "Terminator Underwater” battle. It is my favorite idea."
Josh is a friend of Summer Glau from “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” so wouldn’t that be a huge treat if this writer convinces Glau to go for a role in T6?

The film’s director, Tim Miller, and producer, James Cameron, also spoke of their own personal feelings of the future of artificial intelligence. 

"Cameron and Miller had very different views of the future of A.I. Cameron felt if we taught it finances or if we taught it military applications: what it would eventually know is greed and killing. He felt even more wary of A.I. than he did when he made the first Terminator. Miller, in contrast, said that he was more optimistic: he felt that A.I. would evolve much more rapidly than us (monkeys swinging from trees) and that there would be no point to destroying us.”

Cameron said his main reason for doing this project was that T3-T5 never fulfilled the potential of the franchise or served the characters well. He said there were so many ideas that it was very limiting to just conceive one movie and call it a day. 

Tim Miller also made the point that James Cameron was "very rich" and has no reason to make another Terminator unless it was for the "right reasons."  He said specifically no one is trying to make another film to "afford another house."  He (Miller) also said that after Deadpool he had many film options, but he specifically chose Terminator as this is what he was most passionate about!

We’re also told that Sarah Connor will not have a small part but Linda Hamilton will be a central focus in the film, Cameron mentioned the "writers room" where everyone brainstormed. He mentioned showing Sarah Conner as a tough warrior at her age has never been done before in film. There might be a lot criticism on the internet about his "passing the torch comment" to an 18-year-old-actress.
"He did say that, but what reporters fail to say is he spent 10-15 minutes just talking about Linda Hamilton. he’s not going to marginalize her.”
Kamal also tells us that if T6 is a big success, Tim Miller will direct T7 and T8 back-to-back! 
"All in all, it was a great event with over 200 fans in attendance,” Kamal concludes. "People clapped a lot and it was a very enthusiastic crowd!" 
Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently confirmed in the UK that this film will not be called Terminator 6. Perhaps the film will now only be called “Terminator” or it will have an all new name. If T3 through T5 gets erased from the timeline, it will be very unfortunate to not be able to see Arnold's T-800 get his upgraded liquid metal abilities but the fact we will get Linda BACK will make up for that loss. 

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