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New Shirts and Merch for Schwarzenegger and Fitness fans with proceeds to Arnold’s ASAS!

If you have nothing clean and it’s wash day, don’t walk around like a nude Terminator. Put on some clothes and start with a cool new shirt, perfectly fitting for any Arnold or fitness fan! TheArnoldFans has just partnered with Teespring to print and ship to you our all new EXCLUSIVE shirts! TheArnoldFans is proud to share with you NEW shirts for your Arnold lifestyle in which a portion of proceeds from every shirt sold will benefit After-School All-Stars. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the chairman for After-School All-Stars, his favorite charity, to get the kids off the scary streets after school hours and gets the kids into the path of learning and success towards a better tomorrow. 

Other items exclusive to TheArnoldFans are coffee mugs and 18x24 posters! Check out the many shirts (in different colors), mugs and poster designs which will all have a portion of proceeds going towards the After-School All-Stars! Because to be a REAL Arnold fan, it’s all about giving back. Help GIVE BAKC to the great kids of the After-School All-Stars and wear your new Arnold-themed shirt proudly! Gooooo, get to the merchandise by clicking HERE!
We also have some new Terminator and Conan designs paying homage to the classic Schwarzenegger Venice Muscle Beach shirt design. Get these on shirts or mugs! A special gift will also be sent to anyone ordering 2 or more products! 

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