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"Conan" & Schwarzenegger’s “Outrider" is coming to Amazon!

Crom, a "Conan the Barbarian" series and a new western called “Outrider” is now being developed over at Amazon!  Outrider, an event series with Schwarzenegger attached to star and executive produce, is a mystery set in the Oklahoma Indian Territory in the late 1800s.  Deadline reveals that it tells the dark and dangerous tale of a deputy who is not only tasked by a notoriously brutal judge with apprehending a legendary outlaw in the wilderness – but must also partner with a ruthless Federal Marshall (Schwarzenegger) to make sure justice is properly served. And as the story unfolds, not only will enemies become allies, but a series of unpredictable surprises will blur the line between good guys and bad.

Schwarzenegger has always been a fan of Westerns and he even told TheArnoldFans that he wanted to do a remake of WestWorld before he decided to run for Governor. While Schwarzenegger has been in a Western before (The Villain), this will not be light-hearted and campy nonsense. Outrider, marking Arnold's first major scripted TV series role, will be a dark and bloody series - perfect for any Schwarzenegger fan.  Arnold will play the Federal Marshal who immigrated to the US from Europe as a child. Also executive producing the project is Mace Neufeld, exec producer of Amazon’s upcoming series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Outrider will be co-written/executive produced by Trey Calloway (APB, The Messengers, CSI: NY) and Mark Montgomery.

Outrider filming will probably begin later this year after Schwarzenegger finished Terminator 6 (and possibly Twins 2) or it will begin early next year. 

Amazon also just picked up Conan the Barbarian! Casting has not yet been announced but Fredrik Malmberg will be an executive producer who has shared with TheArnoldFans in the past that he’d personally love for Arnold to have an intro to the episodes with King Conan narrating the stories of Arnold’s youth.  It’s really up to Arnold and Endeavor Content (the studio) now.  Also, now that Arnold has just signed on with Amazon, we find this to be quite a coincidence that Conan and Outrider announcements are happening at the same time!  Let’s hope Arnold also signs on to Conan and episodes could split between stories focusing on both Conan’s youth and his older King Conan bloody adventures! Endeavor Content will be the studio and Amazon is a licensee. So it is Pathfinder Media and Endeavor who will physically produce the show.

It turns out that "The Legend of Conan” is in fact dead - meaning only the earlier script and film title. Universal Pictures was going to do the film when a past head honcho was in control but now that he is no longer with Universal, the film studio dropped all Conan plans. CROM! Apparently they thought making “Seventh Son” was going to be better than Conan (groan). 

Malmberg tells TheArnoldFans that they are continuing to push the wheel of pain with great momentum to further its production start. "We have been very busy putting together a premium cable tv show. We haven't started casting yet but we have a top writer and a top director. Everybody wants Conan to happen and it will.”

Conan, wearing a troubled brow under his crown of iron, must return to battle after sitting upon his throne for far too long. Between the ages of 71-74 should be the perfect age for Schwarzenegger to play the retired, bearded, bitter king. Arnold would be 71 if cameras roll in the fall of 2018. TheArnoldFans has been told that Conan would be portrayed both as young (flashback adventures) and old King Conan but ONLY if Arnold wants to do the series. If Arnold passes, the series will only focus on Conan’s youth. Conan falls into Amazon’s push into big, fantasy/genre drama series who also has a Lord of the Rings series in development. Wait, While Arnold is at it and joining Amazon, how awesome would it be if Schwarzenegger also has some guest spots in these Middle Earth Lord of the Rings adventures!

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