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New T2 Action Figures – Kenner Tribute Assortment!

Get ready to smile because these all new Terminator 2 figures by NECA are a serious delight as they pay the ultimate tribute to the 1991 Kenner action figures! Dedicated to the classic Kenner Terminator 2 toys of the early 1990s, this new line of figures by NECA not only pay tribute but also offer toy collectors a serious upgrade in detail and action figure articulation. I kept all my original T2 Kenner figures in their packaging and this is a real thrill to compare side-by-side between the 1991 figures and the all new 2019 ones!


Power Arm T-800 features a detailed weapons arm with interchangeable missile launcher and grabbing claw attachments. White Hot T-1000 changes color when dunked in water, just like the original version. Metal Mash Endoskeleton features working pistons and comes with a plasma rifle accessory. Each figure stands approximately 7” tall and is fully articulated.

Get your NECA figures now wherever awesome toys are sold! For more information, visit NECA by clicking HERE !

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