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T6 working title: “Terminator: Dark Fate” & Arnold “Is Bad”!

We still have almost nine months to go until the November 1st release of T6 but we’re already getting in some very interesting news from the film. While promoting “Alita” on the red carpet, James Cameron told IGN that Arnold as the Terminator will be bad! This, of course, would be the ultimate dream for Terminator fans wanting Schwarzenegger returning to the killer cyborg role.

"Arnold's back and he's bad and he's a different Terminator than you've ever seen before,”
Cameron says. "He's also a very different guy than you've ever seen before.”

We have to wonder though if Cameron meant to say “Bad-ass” when he said “bad.”  So while we’re hoping he meant what he said, we better wait again for Cameron, Arnold or Tim Miller to confirm again that Arnold’s Terminator will in fact be the killer again.  For Arnold to be back again killing in cold blood, this could be a return to horror and a much darker film very fitting of the film’s title.
James Cameron just announced the film’s working title as "Terminator: Dark Fate!” This is the current working title but it's the best title we've heard for T6 yet and sounds fitting of an R rating. Let’s bring back the bloodshed, horror and darkness of the original film to get the world excited again in Terminator!

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