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TAFs Staff Attends Several Arnold Book Signing Events!

For over ten years, barbarians everywhere know that the staff of TAFs has been the world’s strongest online supporter of King Conan. For a decade we reminded Arnold that his number one most anticipated film by his fans has been King Conan, we send him facebook pleas and organize an occasional K.C. movement on twitter, we created the petition to get Arnold onboard (which gained over 14,000 signatures)

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Arnold Announces "The Schwarzenegger Institute"!

Hey, how would you like to enroll in a place called "The Schwarzenegger Institute"? Maybe you'll take classes on falling down waterfalls, proper minigun shooting technique, speaking with the highest levels of confidence and inspiration on any topic (in an Austrian accent), and of course, pumping up for at least 15 minutes every day? Well, that is not quite what the Schwarzenegger Institute for Public Policy is about.

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Arnold Gives Us Movie Exclusive During the Classic!

Friday, March 2, 2012 TheArnoldFans, having just had "Breakfast with Arnold" Friday morning in Columbus, Ohio, was able to get a real big exclusive out of the returning on-screen action hero. I asked the Austrian Oak how he enjoyed being back on movie sets and to tell us about his next projects. Before today's breakfast, all of his fans were confused about Arnold signing on with Stallone and Jim Caviezel in The Tomb when we all thought he had an April 1st start date of Black Sands. Which film comes first? We had this question answered by Arnold himself! We have the exclusive, so listen up!

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